Creating opportunities for our children

Nasir believes every child has the right to receive an excellent education, and strongly supports free meals for low-income students, increased childcare options for parents, and universal pre-kindergarten programs for a firm educational foundation. Nasir will be a steadfast advocate for increased broadband access for all residents to ensure everyone has access to quality telemedicine and expanded education. Nasir will advocate to fund universal pre-K when brain development is critical and help ensure all children enter kindergarten ready to learn, and will support and expand career technology education in K-12 to train for hirable job skills at salaries that can break the cycle of poverty.

Investing in our Public Schools

Nasir also supports full funding of teachers’ salaries; retirement benefits, and ongoing training programs. He has long opposed voucher and for-profit charter school schemes that drain taxpayer dollars from public education, and believes we should be investing in our public schools – not draining them from their funding. Nasir will advocate for the investment and expansion of our public school system in our state since he understands the importance of a good education for the future of our children. He also believes that our state needs to address teacher burnout exacerbated by the pandemic by raising teacher pay and relieving the pressure to teach to the test.

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