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From Dreamer to Doer: Nasir Malik’s Journey to Serve Texas

Nasir Malik represents resilience, dedication, and the pursuit of the American dream. As an immigrant with over two decades of real-world business experience, he is now poised to serve the dynamic community of Texas. Learn more about his journey and his vision for a renewed Texas.


A Lifetime of Achievement

Nasir Malik’s journey is a testament to unwavering commitment, tenacity, and a heart dedicated to community service. Each milestone in his illustrious career is marked by an undying passion to uplift and empower the people of Texas. Delve into the highlights of his notable accomplishments:

  • Over 20 years of successful business management, providing 50-100 local jobs.
  • Graduate and active member of notable associations like FBI Citizens Academy, National Association of Home Builders, and more.
  • Committed volunteer in Klein and Humble ISD Mentoring programs.
  • Prominent ambassador for Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce.
  • Steadfast dedication to community upliftment through various initiatives and philanthropic endeavors.

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Gun Safety

We support the efforts of groups like Moms Demand Action that are working to bring common sense gun laws to Texas to protect our children, families and communities from gun violence. Read More


Protecting Our Children

Fully fund our public schools to at least the national average; including increasing teachers’ salaries, improve retirement benefits, provide more classroom resources, — fully fund a universal Pre-K program, and oppose taxpayer funded vouchers for the wealthy. Read More


Restoring Our Basic Rights

Give every Texan the right to have control over their own bodies. Remove the government from standing between you and your doctor. We believe in the separation of church and state, and restoring women’s right to choose. Read More


Controlling Health Care Costs

FIncrease support for our public hospitals. Increase public access to healthcare facilities and local clinics. Provide more support for preventative care to treat illnesses before they become more expensive problems. Expand Medicaid to ensure that hard working Texas families don’t need to fear financial ruin due to unexpected illness. Read More


Building A More Sustainable Texas & Fixing the Grid

Clamp down on price gouging during natural disasters, and make sure the exorbitant costs incurred during the natural disasters are not passed down onto consumers. Provide more state support for local governments to prepare for environmental and natural disasters. Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Election Campaign FAQs: Your Answers to Common Queries. Discover key information about our campaign, policies, and how you can get involved to make a difference.
When can I vote for Nasir Malik?

Upcoming Election Information – Primary 2024

When do I have to apply for a ballot to vote by mail?
Apply for a ballot by mail January 1st through February 23, 2024.
How do I apply for a ballot by mail?

Visit Harris votes website here for more details.

When is Early Voting?
Early Voting Feb 20, 2024 – March 1, 2024
When is the Primary Election Date?
Election Day March 5, 2024
If Nasir wins the primary election, when is the general election?
General Election November 5, 2024


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