Healthcare & Abortion Rights

Nasir Malik’s Vision for Guaranteed Healthcare

Nasir understands that access to affordable healthcare is not a luxury; it’s a fundamental right. His vision for expanding Medicaid is rooted in a deep commitment to ensuring that no family faces financial ruin due to illness. In a country where healthcare costs can lead to bankruptcy and suffering, Nasir’s plan is a beacon of hope for many Texans. If the Texas Legislature expanded Medicaid, more than a million additional Texans would qualify for health insurance.

After experiencing the issues of our healthcare system firsthand with his wife as she navigated cancer treatment the last few years, Nasir better understood the need to fund our public hospitals so that anyone can receive life-saving treatment. In the Texas Senate, he will work to actively work to increase access to public healthcare facilities, as well as increase investment into our public hospitals and clinics across the District and State.

Expanding Medicaid

Nasir Malik’s vision for guaranteed healthcare is a testament to his commitment to the well-being of all Americans. His plan aims to save residents money, improve health outcomes and life expectancy, and reduce infant and maternal mortality by bringing billions of federal tax dollars back home to Texas to help more people see a doctor.

In a country where healthcare remains a major concern for many, Nasir Malik offers a vision of hope and change. His dedication to expanding access to affordable healthcare is a reflection of his belief in the inherent right to a healthy life. By electing leaders like Nasir, we can work together to create a healthcare system that provides security, affordability, and peace of mind for every American

Destigmatizing a Woman’s Right to Choose

Nasir Malik’s commitment to protecting reproductive rights is a testament to his belief in bodily autonomy and gender equality. His vision aims to secure and expand reproductive rights for all individuals, ensuring that they have the agency to make decisions about their own bodies and lives.

In a time when reproductive rights are under constant threat, Nasir Malik offers a vision of resilience and determination. His dedication to the protection and expansion of reproductive rights underscores his commitment to advancing gender equity and ensuring that every individual’s voice is heard in decisions about their reproductive health. By electing leaders like Nasir, we can work together to secure and expand these fundamental rights for all Americans.
Texas’ maternal mortality rate is the highest in the entire country. We must invest and expand our state’s maternal healthcare system, as well as increase funding for family planning, expand access contraception, and ultimately pushing back on Texas’ draconian laws that take away a woman’s right to choose. When elected, Nasir will introduce legislation that expands exceptions in which healthcare providers are permitted to perform abortions.

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